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What is a DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

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Decentralised computer run on the blockchain world-wide without a leader

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Autonomously runs the organization through code on the blockchain (smart contract)

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  • An organisation run as code on the blockchain

  • Owned and run by members

  • Since 2021, the number of participants in DAOs increased from 13,000 to 1.7 million

Constitution DAO

Market Cap : $ 126 million

Ukraine DAO

$6.75 million : One NFT auction

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Charity DAO

A Philanthropy DAO

Charity DAO is a sub-DAO of It is the world's first licensed Charity decentralised autonomous organisation aiming to become a global Web3 charity foundation.

Charity DAO mission

The new way to assist charities raise funds  in emergencies

Charity DAO is made up of charities and Maxity NGO ambassadors. The DAO facilitates NFT fundraising for charities, focusing on raising funds in emergency contexts, such as the sudden onset of natural disasters, war and other situations where humanitarian relief is needed. Charity DAO creates, completes and releases NFTs for charities within 24 hours

A registered charity

Unlimited Locations

Focus on emergencies
(Action within 24 hours)

Unlimited Causes

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